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So for my born-day, projectx and I just hung out. I just wanted to relax. When pyrophilia got back from spending the night at another friend's house, we went to coffee. Probably the worst coffee house here, called The Caffein Den.
1.) Its hours are from 6pm to 11pm.
2.) Extremely limited on their choice of coffee. (You notice I said choice, and not choices)
3.) What I did get was awful.

The UPS guy stopped by today to deliver the last part to my computer. But he doesn't knock very loud, so I didn't hear him. I live upstairs, my front door is downstairs; makes it kind of hard.
I like it when the woman is my delivery person. She bangs on the door so loud the dead have to cover their ears. I like that. She's also nicer than this guy. And for how skinny she is, she can lift heavy boxes like feathers.
So, I'll have to wake up early again tomorrow. And I should leave another sign on my door that says he has to knock super loud. Geez, I wonder if she delivers it tomorrow and she sees the sign... she might knock the door down!

We're heading into the Bay Area today to visit projectx's dad and grammy. We're going to do a little shopping, and then go out to supper.

pyrophilia is still asleep.

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