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It appears I survived today.
I am soooo tired.

Our hospital management has performed what we call an "unfair labor practice," which now means we can legally strike without yet having a contract.
We vote Monday whether to strike or not. The strike is scheduled for the 18th. It's just a 24 hour strike, but it shuts down the hospital. They'll have to move all critical-care patients to other facilities, at least for the 24 hours. They put the ball in our court... actually, it's our serve, and it looks like we're about to ace.
My supervisor, who isn't really management, but also not part of the union is trying to make fun of all of us, but I guess he doesn't realize that he'd have to be taking all the x-rays. Just about everyone in x-ray will picket. Respiratory therapy is gung-ho about the strike. There will be just about all of house-keeping out there. We even have word that the union for the CNA's will honor our picket and not cross the line. I wonder if we could get the RN union to do the same???
Probably not, but maybe someone should ask.

So, ich bin sehr sehr muede. Ich denk', dass es Bettzeit ist.

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