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Finally bought Heavy Metal 2000 on DVD... came as part of a two-pack... so I also got the first one, Heavy Metal. Watched the second one last night. It's been ages since I watched the first one, so I'm logging off and going to watch it now.
Then, it's off to bed.
one side note... bought a new watch. I was looking over a whole ton of watches at the counter, saw this really neat one that I wanted.
So I asked the lady to take it out so I could look at it closer. She goes over all the features and shit, then I look at the price... $450.00
Who in the hell would pay that much for a watch!?
Never mind that I really can afford to buy a watch that expensive, but why would I want to? I just want to be able to see what time it is when I do my exams at work (or when people ask what time it is) without a ripping leather band. So I got the $75.00 watch instead. It's nice too.

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