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Well, it seems some of you didn't listen when I told you not to come into the E.R. tonight... in fact, you guys just slaughtered us. Today was supposed to be for being happy, not for coming in to the E.R.
And to make matters worse, I know you're going to all do it again tomorrow. I tell you, it's a good thing a lot of you are real nice while we're all prodding and poking you, sticking needles into your arms, getting EKGs and X-rays. It makes my job so much easier than when I get dumb-asses who try to resist me at every turn. This must be one of the reasons why I still do this job.

I talked with my friend tonight, (aka: the girl I'm interested in at work). She's having problems with her ex. He's the one who dropped her like a dead fly, and he wants to know if they can try to make it work. She still has feelings for him, but he's already fucked up her life by doing that. She's had to move back home temporarily until she can save up enough money to find another place.
She hasn't told anyone at work (except me) what's going on. We don't know each other that well, but she's already talking to me, because I'm there to listen. She sounded like she wanted to cry tonight. But she was on break and probably didn't want to go back in to work all teary eyed and everything, so she held it back. But she gave me a hug, we wished each other Happy New Year, and she seemed to feel good that someone's willing to listen. I told her whenever she needed to talk, just talk.
She's such a sweetheart; really good with the patients, takes on tasks even when she's super-busy and already under a lot of stress. I can see now when she's feeling the stress, but she does it anyway... she puts the patients first. Why would anyone let her go like that?
I'm not going to ask her out for a while. I want her to go through all the emotions that she needs to go through. I'll just stick around for now, and if she wants to talk about something, I'll just listen. I figure that's probably going to be important for her right now than a bunch of guys constantly asking her out and trying to get down her pants. She probably doesn't need that right now.

Besides, I've got to figure out these other feelings that have suddenly reaared their heads for someone else.

Well, I'm not feeling well, and am tired, so Imma going to bed.

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