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My house looks bizarre... it's bare.
I moved a lot of the useless "junk" that was just sitting all over the place into the big bedroom, which I am currently using as a storage room. I still have a few things to move, but I got the big stuff, like the motor for my fishing boat has been in the living room since last August.
I'm partly cleaning my place because I'm expecting my new computer next week. And this one isn't going anywhere, except maybe on the other side of the room. I haven't decided on that yet. I'll have to get AT&T out here and figure out where the best place to install the cable would be, and put the new computer as close to that as I can, and this computer will have to just go to a place where there is room for it.
Ah hell, I should probably be moving furniture around anyhow.

Going out with my mommy later to see Lord of the Rings.

Not quite as depressed as I was last night.

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