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Not much posting going on lately...
Must be everyone recovering from x-mas parties... or getting ready for New Year!

I can't remember if I've posted this or not, but my New Year's Resolution for 2002 is to go house hunting, and probably even buy one.
Granted, paying only $365 for rent in a 1040 square foot place is great and only 6 blocks from where I work; I want to be able to do things like my own household maintenance. With a rental, the landlord has to call people in, and it's always done on their time.
Sometimes, that can be inconvenient for me. I know how to do basic plumbing repairs and electrical jobs.
I'd also like to be able to park my boat so that I know for sure that it's not in someone's way. There are a ton of other reasons... it's always good to have real estate on your credit reports.

My biggest debate with myself is whether I should buy close to home (work and family) or if I should get something towards the hills a bit. The land in the hills will be worth more in 20 years because of all of the people from the Bay Area moving out there. But then again, I like being close enough where I can walk or ride my bike to work, or even roller-blade.

Well, I have the whole upcoming year to think about it.

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