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X-mas goodies

Instead of telling everyone what I received for x-mas, I am going to tell you what I gave away as x-mas presents. pyrophilia is going to post a similar list later today.

1. pyrophilia got a flaming shower curtain which we're using as a photography background. You can already see some of the pictures we have taken by going to her journal. I will also be posting some in the various erotic photography communities (nakedparts, eroticvisions, artinnudity, and sensuousart).

2. I gave my mom Jiwi iron garden items: A planter, a lantern and a lantern pole. I also gave her a black cat garden ornament.

3. I gave my dad a $50 gift certificate to Macy's.

4. I gave my sister and brother-in-law a pyramid shaped indoor/outdoor metal shelf from Pier-1.

5. I got various Bath & Body items for my aunt who lives in town.

6. I gave gloves to each my Grandma and aunt who live up north which match the scarves my sister had gotten them.

7. I gave my niece and nephew each a Rubik's cube, plus a remote controlled boat to him, and a glittery lava lamp to her.

That is all. In all, about $400 worth of gifts. None of which I made myself. :(

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