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Tracking Santa Claus tonight

December 21, 2001

Today's Site: NORAD Tracks Santa

Does Santa Claus exist? You might not think so, but this site,
maintained by the joint Canadian-U.S. North American Aerospace
Defense Command, will have you rethinking your position as you
follow Santa's path around the world on Christmas Eve.

The site, accessible in English, French, Spanish, Italian,
Portuguese and Japanese, goes live on Christmas Eve, but you can
check it out today to make sure you have your modem set

Why does NORAD do this when they have other concerns, like
monitoring airspace security? In 1955, a department store
advertised a "Hotline to Santa" phone number. Problem was, it
rang in the Continental Air Defense Command office (NORAD's
predecessor). It was a quiet night, so the personnel on duty
decided to play along and made up a whole scenario for their
young callers, a practice NORAD adopted in 1957. Today,
sophisticated computer animation simulates Santa's annual flight, but
the real-time commentary by NORAD's own servicepeople make it come

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