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Went to lunch with my sister, aunt and uncle from Oregon, and my aunt who lives here.
After lunch, I had to get ready for a party. My character was based on Andy Warhol, so I painted my hair silver. Dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt.
Got to Cody's house an hour before the party started. She had to jump in the shower and put on her makeup.
As she was putting on her makeup, they got a call. The party was cancelled. The excuse: somebody was snowed-in. In Sonora? Maybe about a foot of snow, if that, and they're snowed-in?
So, we stayed dressed and came back to my place. Went shopping at Barnes and Noble and Tower, then went out for coffee. After coffee, I was a little hungry, so I drove through In 'n Out and got a burger. She wasn't hungry, so she didn't get anything.
Came to my place, played on the 'puter.
She started getting hungry a few hours later, so we headed to Lyons and ate.
Came back home, and went to bed.

Doesn't that night sound absolutely exciting?
We had fun... we were still dressed up as our characters for the party.

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