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Went to S.F. with my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew to go to "Nutcracker" ballet. Niece is 9, nephew is 7. She's seen it a few times already. He's never seen it, at least not live. He enjoyed it... a LOT!
Before we went to the show, we went to the Hayes St. Grill... an over-priced restaurant with decent food. I noticed they had swordfish on their menu, and it has been ages since I have had swordfish. SO I ordered the swordfish. Comes with french fries, and is a $20 meal (I told you they were over-priced). I also got a $10 vinagrette salad.
My nephew, who is willing to try anything, also ordered the swordfish. My sister was laughing... he had a $20 meal. He liked it. And my niece tried a bite of mine, she liked it too, but she had ordered something else. She loves fish, but only if daddy catches it and makes it... but she still liked it.
So the plate comes to the table. The only thing on the plate was the swordfish. Nothing else. The fries came in a little bowl.
Just a grilled swordfish.
I'm tired of all the restaurants in S.F. which try to be fancy and charge high prices for food that I can cook myself. In some cases, even better.
I make a mean Hamburger Helper!

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