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Is that all there is?

'Twas a very long day today.

Worked from 11 AM 'til 11:30pm. It was not a typical Monday. Mondays are normally busy, very busy. Today wasn't, which, of course, makes time drag. And 12 hours of dragging a long day makes.

'course, I still haven't gone to bed. I am tired, tired am I. Soon to bed will I go.

I got a baseball hat in the mail today from Manitou. I wasn't expecting that. I don't wear hats, except as part of a costume. I guess it's Manitou's way of saying, "Hey, thanks for buying our boat!"

I have Friday off this week... supposed to be sunny again, according to the weather reports... maybe I'll get a chance to take it out this week after all! *crosses fingers*

Kitty wants to go to bed... so do I.

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