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The power has been off for the last 16 hours.
This is the second time within a week.
We're getting abnormally strong winds with our first few storms of the season. And this weekend, we're supposed to get another one.
My power rarely goes out in storms... so twice in one week is not good.
My heat is gas, but there must be some sort of electric switch or something, because my heat just went on. Not that it was cold enough to need it last night. Just because it is windy and rainy doesn't mean it's cold.


I took some more pictures of my boat. I need to upload them, so give me a few minutes. It has its rain cover on. I found out that it doesn't really hold all the rain out. The cover is somewhat pourous, so water is able to drip through, albeit slowly. There's a seam that runs down the center, so the carpet down the center was all wet. There was also a place that bulged in, instead of draining off the water. So where that puddle was, there was also a giant wet area on the seat and carpet... naturally right by the controls. I really need to get my own house where I have a nice big garage so I don't have to worry about stuff like this.

Okay, Imma uploadin' pics now...

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