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Summer Leaves when Autumn Falls

Finally brought out my 'lectric blanket last night.
It's supposed to drop to the 30's tonight. I still don't feel it in the house, but I supposed I should think about turning the heat on. That's right, I still haven't used the heater.
I'm okay sitting here in a t-shirt and sweater and pants.
But I have noticed that my feet are starting to become cold as I get ready for bed.
I have also noticed that when I have cold feet, it takes me longer to fall asleep.
Several tricks to combat that:
1) Soak feet in semi-hot (more hot than warm, but not hot hot) just before going to bed. Be sure to dry feet completely. Water evaporating from your feet will just cool them down again.
2) Never wear socks to bed that you've worn all day. If you wear socks, change them. Your feet are already wet from sweat, or wet shoes if it has rained. So dry feet and new socks.
3) Break out the 'lectric blanket!!!!
4) If you're a girl, place cold feet against boyfriend's back.
Oops, no, wait... strike that. Try one of the first three suggestions instead.

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