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I have been invited to a "Clue" murder mystery party.
My character:
Andy Warthog
Based (obviously) on Andy Warhol.
It takes place in Manhattan, NY, in 1979, at a trendy club, called, Studio Manhattan, "a chic and glamorous New York discotheque frequented by the rich and famous."

When the music stops, we discover that the owner, one Jackie Fever, has been murdered.

The suspects:
John Revolting
Diana Rush (aka pyrophilia)
Andy Warthog (that's me, aryx)
Gloria Stunnem
Bruce Leap
Lyza M
Other (non-suspect) guests:
Sunny & Share

I've been doing a lot of research on Andy Warhol. I am familiar with some of his stuff, but did not realize all there was that made him who he was. Obviously, my character isn't actually him, but rather is based on him. But I figured it would be neat to incorporate some of Andy's manerisms and quirks.

I need silver hair!

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