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boring stuff to follow

I spent most of the day waiting for my phone call... still hasn't come, so I figured I'd hop online. Even if the boat is ready now, I don't have time to go pick it up before I go to work.

So, while waiting, I adjusted the pitch bars on my helicopter. Now I have to check for wobble. I can't do that because it's close to raining, so I'll have to wait for a dry day. I fix any wobble by doing more adjusting of the pitch bars. And so it goes. I'll probably have to do this whole procedure 4 or 5 times.

Once the pitch is set and the wobble is gone, then I can start practicing my hovers. And then... the whole process starts again. During the first few lifts-off, I have to try to check if there are any other wobbles that need to be taken care of, stop the motor, adjust stablizers, see if that has changed my pitch settings, adjust if necessary, and recheck for wobble.

Doesn't that all sound fun!

I wish it would stay dry a little longer... damn, should've bought this at the beginning of summer!

Well, maybe by summer, I'll have learned to control my heli (barring any crashes) and can have a lot of fun all summer long.
Who knows, I may even get a .60 and start putting that together, too.

If I do end up going to Burning Man next year, at least I'll have some fun. Just gotta remember to buy some fuel filters, probably even a couple of them.

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