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If everything goes right, I might actually (finally) get my boat tomorrow.
The stator was bad, so they had to special order me a new one that is supposed to come in tomorrow. And they said that as soon as they get it, they will install it and give me a call.

The bad thing is -- it's supposed to rain all weekend long.
Truthfully, that doesn't really matter... I'll be working all weekend long.

I've been doing a lot of research about our waterways. The California Delta has a lot more to offer than I first realized. There are tons of restaurants and bars along the riverside which have docks. There's over 1000 miles of navigable waterways just a short distance from my house. A lot of historic towns, especially gold rush era. I can make my way up north along the Sacramento River, or down the San Joaquin River just by launching all of 2 miles from here.

So I think part of my vacation will be to do just that next summer. Take a week off, and head one way or the other. Take a tent and camp wherever there isn't a place to dock, or just a campground somewhere.
Maybe I'll just become a river rat.


In other news:
My helicopter is now ready for its first hover attempts.
It's going to rain.

Well, there's always next week.

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