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I was taking sinus medication which claimed to be non drowsy. But I think it was that which made me so tired all weekend long, which is why I was so grumpy and so upset with the way things were going at work, lately. I'm not going to take the medicine today, and see what happens.


I have a subscription to a poetry group's newsletter/mass email. The group is based in the Bay Area. I think this e-mail is supposed to be used to tell poets when open mic opportunities are coming up, or whatever. But a lot of them actually posts their poems in the e-mail. I am absolutely shocked at how many of them can't spell. I can understand if you're misspelling a word because a "character" in your piece of work has an accent and pronounces it differently, and I can surely understand typos... I do that a lot... especially when I am typing the word, should, and miss the u, so it comes out shold... ack!
But these people are supposedly poets... masters of word manipulation. I always thought it was spelled, February, not febuary.


I'm still waiting for two parts for my remote control helicopter to come in the mail. Today is being observed as a holiday, so there will be no mail today. The blade blancer should be here any day now, I'm hoping tomorrow. The rotopod (training wheels for helicopters) won't actually get sent out until tomorrow because today is the holiday, as I previously made mention. :)
So until all that comes in, my little helicopter is just sitting on the table, waiting patiently.

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