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"I'm bored," she said. "Let's go torture something."
So I wait in line all day--
just me and the phone booth while she goes through the shit we own, finding what's unnecessary.
Three pairs of clothes, onepair of shoes. Nothing else we really use.
She said, "let's slow the day down, darling, so it all don't... slip away."
I catch a glimpse of a future picture, the only thing that we still own.
Naked and cold in an empty room, but I'm happy 'cause I still got you. And you're happy 'cause you still got... cigarettes.
Yesterday I had a quarter. And I know I didn't eat it. I'll make the same mistakes. Won't care 'til my body needs it.
Three pairs of clothes, one pair of shoes. Nothing else we really use, like food and sleep. We don't like to think about tomorrow when we are in this deep.
That's the trick to a happy life. Spend every moment dying.
Some people were born to float. Lord knows I've forgotten how to swim, sinking. And neither of us knows which direction the bubbles are going.

idiot flesh -- 1997

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