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Busy days ahead...
I have tomorrow off (technically today, as it is Thursday now, but I just got home from work, and still need to go to bed).
I need to go to the post office to get a money order made out for an auction from e-bay (I wish he'd take paypal, it's so much easier).
My blade balancer is on the way, and after I send this off, I'm hoping to get my rotopod soon.
I am also going in tomorrow to the boat dealer to see how much it would cost to get a name painted on my boat in the same style and colors as the paint job and C#.
I still need to turn my 2" ball over on my trailer hitch to raise it up a little bit. If I don't get that done tomorrow, it's not that big of a deal.
The x-ray department is having Chinese food for lunch tomorrow, so maybe I'll stop in for some of that.
And then I need to drive to pyrophilia's and film her video so that she can get her yoga teaching certificate/license/credential (or whatever it is).
After that, she'll probably want to beat me at chess, again. *sigh*

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