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Got a call from the boat people. They got their check today from my credit union. Trailer is ordered. Someone is coming in today to paint the registration numbers on. I won't be able to go pick it up for another 2 weeks or so. Guy said the trailer would get here just before T-day.

I still haven't thought of a name for the boat. Any suggestions?


I'm getting this weird pain in my right lung. It kind of feels like a deep muscle pull, but we don't have muscles in our lungs. I'm not too young to be getting blood clots, but I seriously doubt it's that. Those people are in a lot more pain than I am, I'm just uncomfortable.

I hope it's just the change in the weather.


My r/c helicopter is almost done. I still have to balance the blades. I've already attatched them to the ship so I can see what it will look like. I'll have to take them off and balance them before I start running the motor. -- well, I can run the motor without the blades. In fact, one article I read suggested to do that when getting all of the minor adjustments made to the motor.

Anyone out there that plays/works with remote control gadgets that is willing to offer some tips/advice that I haven't already heard?

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