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Lots of sirens today.
Probably parents calling ambulances for their sick kids because too much candy was eaten.

I swear, there are a lot of stupid people out there. We get people coming to the E.R. in an ambulance for the most inane things. I'm not talking about someone who gets taken to the hospital after a car accident but only has a few scratches... the ambulance is called and in that case, it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm talking about people at home. Someone cuts their finger while preparing dinner... they call an ambulance. Why? Someone has a mild asthma attack, they call the ambulance... Someone's baby is just learning how to walk, they fall and bump their head, so the parents call an ambulance.
Most people think that if they call the ambulance, they can be seen in the E.R. faster, that way, they don't have to wait in the waiting room. Part of the problem is that too many people are trying to do this, so oftentimes, once the ambulance arrives, the patient is sent to the waiting room to wait anyway.
Then there are people who wait too long to call an ambulance. They're practically dying before they admit something is going on. Someone having a severe asthma attack, for example, who keeps puffing on his inhaler, but yet doesn't get better. By the time they finally come to the hospital, we're practically intubating them. (Intubating means sticking a tube down your trachea to make you breath, although we have equipment now where we put a tightly sealed mask on you that forces air into your lungs without a tube.) That's one of those cases that if he would've come into the E.R. just a couple of hours earlier, he probably wouldn't have gone to that extreme.

Wow, I typed a little more than I had planned... I just wanted to talk about all the sirens I've been hearing today.

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