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"you're" = "you are"
hence-therefore-thus, "you're welcome"
not "your welcome"
"your" is a possesive,
that would be like:
my welcome
your welcome
his/her/its welcome
our welcome
their welcome
not not not notnotnotnotnot

BTW its vs. it's
"it's" = "it is"
"its" is possesive
its foot, its branch, its tail
it's good to see you
it's time to go
and not:
it's ear
and not:
its been three years...

two vs to vs too:
Do I even want to tackle this right now? I've discussed it in the past. Well, I'll do a little bit.
too = also, but it also is an excessive.
too tall, too bad, too far, too slow, too happy, too many
to is a preposition:
to the store, to the car
and it is also part of the infinitive form of a verb:
to run, to walk, to see, to hear, to be
BTW: the infinitive form of the verb is actually a noun.
Another BTW: verbs ending in ing (walking, listening) are also considered nouns, not verbs.
"I am walking to the store to buy too much candy, for it's Halloween again."
In the first part of the sentence, 'I' is the subject, 'am' is the verb, 'walking' a noun, 'to the store' is a prepositional phrase, 'to buy' is the infinitive form of a verb but yet a noun.
In the second half of the sentence, 'it' is a subject, 'is' (contracted) is the verb.

If you actually read all of this, you're probably as much of a loser as I am for writing it!

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