July 31st, 2008

burning man

burning man plans... where I'll be

Okay my fellow Burners, here's where you can find me:
Esplanade and 8:30
Yes, you read that right... Espla--fucking--nade!
(Damn it's going to be noisy!)
I am part of an official theme camp this year, called Atomikamp.
We have and underground fallout shelter for you to visit... with a DJ and I think even a bar, but don't quote me on that last part.
Pretty much all of my former Hey! Camp has integrated into this one... believe me, we're still going to yell out Hey! to everyone! :D
I think there's going to be about 30 of us in one camp... I sure hope that this works out!
So, come avoid the nuclear fallout at Atomikamp! And say, Hey! too! :)