June 12th, 2007

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Ever since I (finally) enabled that flag on MySpace where the person has to know your e-mail address or your last name in order to send you a friend request, my inbox has dropped to almost nothing. I like this in that I'm glad I'm not getting spammed so much by all those damned fake users who just want you to go to their adult (pay) sites to see titties and ass. I don't need that shit... I see plenty of T and A! And I'm one of those guys who prefers the live version of T & A, not pictures of someone I don't know. Granted, there are some nice pictures out there. But, that's beside the point.

But, now, my inbox seems lonely. I still get e-mail from time to time from friends and family, and occasionally from certain websites that I've subscribed to newsletters (starwars.com, modelmayhem.com, westmarine.com, thinkgeek.com, and replies to my posts here on livejournal.com). Although I like not feeling disappointed when all I get are friend requests at MySpace, it just doesn't seem to be the same when I open up my browser and don't get anything at all for several days in a row.

Back when LiveJournal was my primary website (it still basically is, I just hop around a lot more to other places as well), I could guarantee e-mail simply by posting some of my controversial subjects and count on quite a few of you responding either with contrary opinions, or conversely by when some of you actually agree with what I said (although that was pretty rare). Another way to get e-mail was to post some of the pictures that I had taken.
But, in the last couple of years, most of you tend to ignore my controversial opinions, and seem to just pass by the pictures.

I need to find some other way to get people to respond to my posts without seeming like I am just looking for attention. In reality, I'm not here to find new friends. Quite a few of you on my friends list have actually been here since the beginning of LJ, many of you with smaller (earlier) user numbers than I have (8991, which is my #) or something rather close to it. With the number of people who now use LJ, those of us who still retain our original low account numbers are a dying breed. Yes, it shows that we've been here from the beginning... but many are moving on, either leaving LJ, or just not logging in anymore.

I still have insomnia.

I'm rapidly approaching 40. Oh goodie, I'm getting to the point where I need my annual rectal probing for my prostate screening. Yee and haw!

I don't play online computer games nearly what I used to.

I don't have children about whom I can brag.

I'm anal retentive about spelling and grammar.

I own a house.

And a boat. ;)

And I spend a lot less time on here than I used to... although, I really do still log in on a daily basis to catch up on what all of you are doing.

*sigh* And, it seems, I still write pointless posts like this from time to time.

Have a good night!