April 26th, 2007

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At work today, I announced that it was time for me to begin my mid-life crises, and that I needed help deciding what I should do. Suggestions, unfortunately, were kind of bland: re-pierce my septum, get another tattoo, etc. I told that that I didn't want a convertable of any kind of car, I'm very happy with my Silverado truck! And I already have a boat! Although I have been loosely considering changing jobs (can that be done loosely? does that make sense?), I wouldn't really be interested in changing careers, which seems to be an important facet of a mid-life crises.

So, as quickly as it began, my mid-life crises was now at an end. I'm still working on writing movie scripts. I'm still driving my Silverado. I'm still working for $10 hour less than what I could be. I'm also still taking pictures every now and again. And I am fairly happy about everything that I have done.

I realized that when guys go through this thing they call a mid-life crises, it's because they get to a point where they feel that all that they have done prior doesn't really mean much anymore. I don't have that problem. I'm an x-ray tech, a CT tech, and more recently, an MRI tech. I help doctors try to figure out what ails their patients. Sometimes I don't like it when I feel that a doctor has ordered an inappropriate exam or that we are radiating some patients far more than necessary (why take x-rays of the whole arm when you can tell by how a kid carries himself that its just a wrist that is broken?). But overall, in my 15+ years of x-ray mayhem, I have used my skills to help doctors unravel the mysteries of more patients' ailments than I can count. That's not worth "nothing" to me.

But one of the benefits of having a mid-life crises is that I, as a man in his mid-life stage, can, and is expected to, date a younger woman. But, as I was reminded, I'm already doing that, even before I had decided it was time for the crises. I have gone out twice now with a fine looking young lady. How young? I'm 39. She's 20. I'm old enough to be her father! But, for those of you who may find this rather extreme, let me just tell you one thing... she started it! No, I'm serious! I have been friendly with her for the past few months, but tried to keep my distance, mostly because of the age difference. But something happened last week, and we ended up going out on our first date a few days ago, and another one last night. Whether something happens or not is really quite trivial. I couldn't care less one way or the other... at least, not right now. So, I can't really start a mid-life crises if I've already been doing most of the things that guys do when they go through theirs, and I've been doing these things for quite some time.

So, my fun at having a mid-life crises was very short-lived... maybe an hour.

I guess I can always try again next year...