December 10th, 2006

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Typically, I have some pretty good patience with most people.
But lately, I've been getting in line at the drive-thru's behind people who just annoy the hell out of me.
These are the people who sit at the first menu before the order box and take forever trying to figure out what they want. When they finally do drive up to the speaker, it seems that they must be ordering for twenty people!
Finally, when they arrive at the window to pay, they decide that they forgot to order something and procede to order it there at the window. Now, if it's a place like McDonalds, it's not such a big deal because they make everything before you've even driven into their parking lot. But at a place like Jack in the Box, where they don't make it 'til you order, it drives me nuts! Especially when it's late at night and there's typically only one cook and one cash register person. You end up sitting behind them for what seems like an eternity; the radio station you're listening to is already beginning to repeat the songs from when you first entered the queue!
And then, it doesn't stop there... oh no! When you drive forward after finally picking up your own meal, you turn the corner and the vehicle is stopped in front of you, with the person still checking their bags to make sure that they got everything they ordered!
You know, if this were to happen once in a very great while, it probably wouldn't bug me so much. But it seems that it is happening to me quite often lately... probably at least four times in the last month... and considering how often I eat out, that's quite a high ratio.