November 2nd, 2006

my lips

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You guys probably think I've abandoned LJ because I don't seem to update here too often anymore.
Nopers.... I still read it every morning before heading to work. And sometimes after work, too... like tonight.
I must admit, however, that I have been spending a lot of time at several other websites.
But mainly, I have been doing a lot of reading reading reading. I'm doing so much reading that I'm almost to the point where I feel like I'd like to start writing again. In fact, I'm also jotting down a lot of ideas for stories or short movie scripts, again. Not actually the whole story... just bits and pieces that I may or may not piece together at sometime in the future.
Also, I've been seeing someone quite regularly... although we're not really too serious. That is to say, she can see other people if she wishes, but I don't know if she is or not. The biggest reason is that I'm not worried about this is because she happens to live in Sacramento, and it does get hard for me to drive up there, or her down here, on a basis that would allow us to get more serious about the whole relationship thing. I have met a couple of other girls who I've gone out with, or expressed an interest in going out with, which has, in fact, been reciprocated. So... we'll just have to see what happens.
Okay, I've finished dinner, so I'm gonna get back to my book!