October 7th, 2006

my eye

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When I grow up, I want to walk with an arched back and a cane.
I want to take several minutes to cross the street and have rude drivers honk at me.
I want to take a long time taking my wallet out at the store and putting my change away and irritate those people in line behind me who just want a pack of cigarettes.
I want to drive 30 in a 45mph zone because my reflexes won't be what they used to be, and I'll be afraid that something will run out in front of me or the light will change and I won't be able to stop fast enough. Also, it will annoy the hell out of the kids who want to drive 60 in that same 45mph zone.
I want to wear diapers and be unable to change them myself.
I want to tell the kids never to grow old.
I want to complain that the music is too loud.
Actually, what I really want when I grow up is simply to enjoy the view.