September 26th, 2006

my lips

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Last week, just about everyone else at work had caught a cold.
This week, it's my turn to have the cold.


I really need to go see a dentist. I haven't been to one since my last one retired, oh, about 5 years ago!


Work is going fairly well. I'm getting all sorts of overtime because so many people are idiots that they either show up late for their appointment, or exactly on the dot... which is still late because they have so much paperwork to fill out. That's why we tell you to come a half-hour early! Duh! I'm past my 90 day probation... got good grades! Got all my paper-work for benefits and the like... can't find them, of course! I have a huge packet to fill out for work safety as well, that's due at the end of the week. Plus, I just got all my reading do for my continuing education courses. I'm TIRED of MEDICAL stuff!!! Why can't I just be independently wealthy to the point where I can go out and blow a thousand every weekend and not have to worry about it? --eh, I'd probably get bored with that... *sigh*