January 14th, 2006

burning man

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I think I may have finally found someone to take to Burning Man with me!
Someone who has never been.
Someone who has actually heard of it before I mentioned it.
Someone who has wanted to go for the past few years.
Someone who also happens to be real cute.
I wonder if I can convince her this is the year to go...
Blue Man

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Your Attention Please

Please Yell If You're Paying Attention


Just got a fortune (from a fortune cookie, duh!) that says, "Do not lose the moment while your camera captures the image."
Oh shit!
I just met a girl (same one from my last post, actually) who wants pictures done... yes, the unclothed kind. And this girl is f'kin hot! And speaking of f'kin... I wouldn't mind some of that, either... and I think she knows that. Can't fuck this up... must... be... adult... must... be... mature!!!!