January 11th, 2006

burning man

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I'm loving this year's theme for Burning Man: Hope and Fear in the Future.
I'm getting tons of ideas that I could possibly use to match this year's theme.
My biggest problem... it looks like I'm going alone again, and most of my ideas are too big for just one person to put together.
Some of my ideas also require too much money... and that's something I'm going to need for my other non-Burning Man activities/projects.
And some of my other ideas are too cliche and have already been done at just about every other Burning Man Festival I've gone to... falling in line with a Mad Max view of the future.
I'd still like to take a hovercraft to the festival one year, if it wasn't for all the dust it'd blow around. I'd probably make it look like Luke Skywalker's from Episode IV.
I am thinking about building a shower that looks like a rocketship, though.


I had one person just about interested in going with me to Burning Man this year. Then I showed her my Plukett & Weiners Burning Man book, and suddenly the thought of naked people changed her mind. I had also taken my Flashback Video for her to borrow. She decided that she didn't even want to watch it after the pictures in the book. I tried explaining that there's a lot less nudity now than there was back in the '90's, but she still didn't seem interested anymore.

Well, I'm still going again, no matter what. I'll keep looking for someone to take with me, but it's so hard getting people to go who haven't heard of it or who just don't get it.
Speaking of people who don't get it... a co-worker of mine who does want to go thinks the ticket pricing system is stupid. He keeps asking why there's a range of prices for the tickets when the more expensive tickets don't get you any more than the cheaper ones. I tried to explain it's not like a concert with better seating... it's really just about allowing those who have a limited income the opportunity to go. He says he's going to get the cheapest ticket. I told him good luck... the tickets go on sale on Jan 18th at noon, and that the cheapest tickets will be sold out within a couple of hours. He works the graveyard shift with me, so I know he'll be asleep at that time, so chances are slim that he won't get what he wants. Actually, I'm kind of hoping he decides not to go at all with the attitude he took to ticket prices. But if he does end up going, maybe the experience will help him understand.


I'll probably be camping with the same group I did last year... Camp Hey! (or is it Hey! Camp... I don't think we've ever decided). I know they are thinking about registering as an official theme camp this year, but the guys never e-mail me... I always have to go through my friend Jessica to get any information from them... and she doesn't check her e-mail very often. I'll probably just have her send me their phone numbers and I'll have to call them. I wonder how much it is to call New York from California...