July 10th, 2005

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Working graveyards is good in the sense that it's not as busy as it is during the day, and that I don't have to deal with all the drama that the day crew likes to start.
The bad thing about working graveyard is that I sleep during the day; during the time that some of the stores that I want to go to are open.
For example, I want to get a gas-mask for Burning Man. The army surplus store is open from 9 'til 4. The earliest I'm waking up is 4.
I also want to get some things for the truck: a hitch that I can hook my bike to, along with still being able to have a trailer hook-up... if they even have something like that. I'm also thinking about getting it lifted a couple of inches.
Around here Tap Plastics is another day-time store. I'm thinking about making a better shower-stall for Burning Man... using plastic for the walls rather than old sheets that I snagged from the hospital..
Some of the stores are open a little later. I know Michael's is 'til at least 8. Michael's is a chain, but I don't know how big, so if you don't know what Michael's is, it's an arts and crafts store. It's not the greatest place to find things that can be used at Burning Man, unless you have a really good imagination (I get inspired from time to time -- they do sell airbrush stuff, so maybe I'll get some more paint and take it out to the Playa).
Fortunately, there's Wal*Mart, open 24 hours, where I can get the remaining camping gear that I need/want (tent stakes, glo-stix, etc).

P.S., I'm still looking for someone who wants to ride with me to the Playa this year. If I'm on your way, you can stop here, or if you're on my way, I can pick you up.
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this is for everyone who has come across my journal.
from a community. from a friends' friend page. random search. common interests search. etc.

leave a comment telling me where in the world you are.
that's right. country, province, state, city...
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They say the meek shall inherit the earth.

Most people tend to equate meek with weak.
But to be meek simply means to endure hardships. It also refers to the ability not to seek vengeance on others for creating said hardships.
Of all the animals on this planet, there is only one species which is not meek, homo sapiens sapiens.