May 30th, 2005

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long sleepless weekend!
I'm not going to tell the whole story of what was supposed to happen this weekend. I'm just going to write what did happen.
I went to see Collective Soul in San Francisco with three of my co-workers on a last-minute invite. This is a long and complicated story to how this happened. The show was great. Collective Soul is on some sort of ___ to Las Vegas Tour, so the whole venue was set up to look like we were in Vegas. They even had free wine tasting of some of the Las Vegas wines (California wines are better). There were blackjack and poker tables, and even a mini craps table; no real money betting. And for one song before the opening band and also one song before Collective Soul, they had Showgirls dancing little routines onstage. I didn't find the opening band all that fascinating, and can't even remember their name. While waiting in line outside, there were two Elvis impersonators seranating the crowd. Once we were inside, they continued to mingle with the crowd, and one even tried to get the phone number of one of my co-workers (who is married). I'm sure they were trying to get the phone numbers of just about every girl in the place, but...
Once the concert was over, we didn't get back home 'til about 2:30, so, I had already been awake for about 32 hours.
But, my sleep wasn't going to last long... as I needed to wake up around 6 to finish cleaning up the boat, get it packed and take off to Woodward Reservoir for a weekend camping trip with the same girl who Elvis tried to get the phone number from. Finally, around 9, I was ready to go. Headed off to my friend's house so I could follow her and her husband, but they were still packing. In the meantime, I realized that I had forgotten to pack some stuff, so ran back home to get what I needed, and headed back. Then they asked if I had some things they were missing, so I ran back home again to get more needed stuff. Finally, around 10, we were on our way.
Got there, found the rest of the people we were supposed to camp with (that took almost an hour of driving around the lake because their directions to their camp wasn't entirely accurate).
Saturday was cloudy and windy, so we didn't spend much time in the water. But we did take the boat out for a while.
By the time the sun was going down, quite a bit of alcohol was consumed, except by the kids, of course.
Bed time came early; early in the morning, that is. Finally went to bed around 1 or 1:30. I woke up at 5, but stayed in my tent 'til around 6, when it was finally getting too hot to tolerate.
I rustled around camp with one other guy for a while, a while being 'til around 8 when most of the rest of camp started waking up.
The sunrise was clear, but around 9, it started getting cloudy again, and we were hoping that it wasn't going to be another day of clouds and cold wind (I hadn't really packed for that). But around 11:30 or noon, the sky cleared, and the sun came beating down.
Another boat ride, yay!
We stayed out on the water for quite a bit of the afternoon.
I look like a red-faced racoon.
Once back, it was time to start packing up.
I had to go to work that night (last night), and I had only the few hours of sleep. Our info packet said we needed to be packed by 5. It was about 4:45 by the time I had my truck packed and the boat loaded on the trailer. Some of the other people hadn't even started packing yet, even though they were leaving Sunday as well. I wonder if they were charged late fees...
Made it home.
Was exhausted.
Couldn't sleep.
Had to work last night, and, of course, there was no rest to be had... busy busy busy.
Came home this morning...
Slept 'til 6.
And that was my memorial day weekend, in the shortest amount of space I could write it.
The process to getting to this point with plans, counter-plans, contra-counter plans, plan revisions, etc. was an entirely longer and more complicated procedure than what actually occured.
In fact, I probably couldn't really desribe some of it, because it dealt with other people doing the same thing, until we finally got some kind of semblance to what we were all going to do.
Well, I'm home.