January 6th, 2005

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I like to think of The Big Bang, and the entirety of our Universe (that's a little redundant, I know) as a pop in a campfire.
Think about this for a few moments:
You're either out camping and have a nice fire going, or even just sitting in front of your fireplace at home. Every once in a while you hear a popping sound. Sometimes it's big enough to cause the logs or whatever wood you are using to settle a bit.
Do you ever wonder what happens inside that pop? I'm not talking about how the fire heats up a little moisture pocket and it suddenly explodes when the pressure inside is suddenly greater than the pressure locking it up.
What if, inside this little tiny bubble of an explosion, whole sub-microscopic galaxies and worlds and other cosmos come into and out of being. What if even sub-sub-microscopic beings live and die, creatures even smaller than quarks and 'strings'?
And, what if we, ourselves, and our Universe, are just the pop of a piece of firewood to something so massive, that it reaches beyond our imagination?
Then, to that God creature, our whole existence comes and goes in just a flash, a blink of the eye.