November 12th, 2004

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a variation of "At the Movies" that saffilaine just posted:

----- cut here ----- cut here ----- cut here ----- cut here ----- cut here -----
Go to the last movie on the list, and think of another actor/actress who was in that movie.
List that actor/actress on the next line, and add another movie that he/she has been in.
Avoid repeating the same name or movie which has already appeared in the list. Post this same set of instructions and the list to your own journal, with your user name on your entry. When the list reaches 50, come to aryx' Journal and post the list in a reply to the original message (posted on Nov. 12, 2004). I have started off the first few entries.

0. (actor/actress name) -- Momento -- aryx
1. Carrie-Anne Moss -- Matrix -- aryx
2. Keanu Reeves -- Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure -- aryx

----- cut here ----- cut here ----- cut here ----- cut here ----- cut here -----
Have at it! Hope I didn't make it too hard for you all to start out. :)
my lips

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One more week 'til Arizona!
I will be driving down, hopefully with anahata_adaro, Thursday night, or early Friday morning. Going to Phoenix, or more specifically, Tempe.
I'll only be there a couple of days, but it'll still be nice to get out for a while.
Anahata has a convention or somesuch she wants to go to. I'm going to meet up with Jess, Karen, and azfiregirl. I'm going to be the only guy there (unless Laura brings her honey).
I met Karen and Jessica at Burning Man. I think the weekend will be a cool party, yo!