June 12th, 2004

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I've uploaded some pictures of Cody to my gallery from when we went to Old Sacramento a couple of weeks ago.
Go here
Then click the link for pictures, go down to friends, and find Cody.
No nudes in that set... we were in a public place.
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Way back when, a little less than 100 years ago (okay, so that's not way back when, gimme a break, okay?), when movies were starting to get popular, the average length of a film was somewhere between 3 and 4 hours long.
Gradually, they became shorter and shorter, and around 40 years ago the average feature length movie was less than 2 hours long. In the last 10 years, I've noticed that the trend is beginning to move for longer movies again.
Just looking at the movie section in the newspaper today, the majority of films are slightly longer than 2 hours.

Okay, from reading some of the reviews, it sounds as if The Chronicles of Riddick is a second movie (a sequel). I don't recall the first. And I can't find what it's a sequel to... anyone have a clue?
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I had wanted to go into San Francisco tonight for a black-light body painting party.
Alas, I have been working on my pond most of the day, and I'm just too tired to make the drive.

Pond update: All the electrical stuff is hooked up except for one last connection. I'm going to disconnect the lights in the garage before I make that connection.
Tomorrow, my aunt and I are going to a pond shop to get some underlayment for the pond, so as soon as I get the top layer of the frame set up, and can put the liner in and start filling it with water.
I promise, I'll start posting pictures soon.