May 30th, 2004

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Went into Old Sacramento again today.
Up until a couple of days ago, I didn't know that the Jazz Festival was this weekend... nor did I know it was a holiday weekend, for that matter.
Scouted around a bit for some places to do some outdoor nude photography without too high of a risk for getting caught (if anyone is interested).
A friend from work is interested in going out on the boat again for some more pictures again this summer. I've got some posted from last year on my site (use this link). Don't worry, she said I could.
I'm going to spend the next few days going back and forth from working on the pond to posting more pictures. But for now, I am tired, and am going to go to bed.
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American culture is based partly on the fear of death.
Why do you think we struggle so hard trying to prevent it.
We create medicines to prolong our lives.
We send peacekeepers out to work to prevent wars.
We send priests and other clergy out to save the souls of the rest of the world.
We have a fascination with the fear of death.
Why is this?

The Arab culture doesn't fear death.
Sure, they mourn it, but they don't fear it.
That's where they are opposite than us.
We don't mourn it. Not really. Sure, a few people become sad. But we insist that life will go on, and we expect those who have some loss to recover--in fact, request that they recover--at a faster pace than they want or need.

It's amazing what you see in the hospital.
For those individuals who are given the chance to realize that death is near, it appears that they accept its coming. They become relaxed, tranquil. When it is time, they are ready, and open.
It's amazing what you see in the hospital.
All the worries and problems of the world no longer seem to matter. That all becomes trivial. One gentleman I was speaking with who knew he had only a couple of days to live told me how stupid most of the worlds' problems were.
After he spoke, I told him what I thought about death and dying.
He said he was amazed that I had hit the nail right on the head and asked if I had ever had any sort of near death experience.
No, I told him. I'm just not afraid of death like most people.
He said something along the lines that it's ashame that most people don't come to the same realization until it's at the end of their life. He had wished that he had thought of it earlier. He had enjoyed life thoroughly, he said, more than most people he knew. But he said that if he had had this one realization earlier in life, he felt that he could have enjoyed it even more.
He had no want of money, no want of fame, or power. All he had wanted, all that he was greedy for was for more happiness. Not just for himself... but for everyone.

No, I really don't fear death. I expect to live to around 70, give or take a couple of years. Yes, there are certain ways I would prefer not to die. But you can't control the paths others follow, so getting hit by a drunken driver, or shot by some gang-banger because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time is not really under my control. Just because I don't fear death, that does not mean that I want to bring it on any sooner than it needs to come. There are a few tasks that I would like to accomplish before my own death.
I would like to meet the cousin that I'm not supposed to know I have.
I would like to make a statement that severly alters the life of someone else in a positive way.
I would like to get recognized for an accomplishment that I didn't even realize was a good thing at the time I did it which had affected someone for the better.
I would like to be taken seriously.

But, I would also not want to mind if none of this happens at all.
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I'm finding it more and more hilarious when people advertise in the communities that they've created new ones.
The funny part is when there is already a community which offers the same exact thing maintained by someone else, and that the new person hasn't looked or is not aware of that similar community.
I know, it happens all the time.
It's just when the new creator wasn't aware that strikes me as funny.
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...speaking of communities...
I probably should leave some of them... some haven't had posts in a while, some never became popular, or whatever.
For example, I just don't see a need for me to be in gothic_babes anymore because I don't find the goth crowd appealing anymore. The goth kids of today have no clue what the scene was about back when it started in the mid to late '80's, and it's even a change from the '90's when I played in it.