May 13th, 2004

my lips

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Just watched that video where they cut off that kid Berg's head. I think it's time we end this war once and for all.
Fuck the UN, they're not helping.
Fucking Muslim extremists are worse than the Christians.
You know that their plan is to convert the entire world to Muslim, and kill those who get in the way? It's true.
It's not the Americans' fault that the world is becomming 'Americanized.' If you didn't want to be like us, you wouldn't be. You could easily have said no when our companies asked to build in your countries.
Bush ended the war too soon.
Kerry is gonna fuck it up even worse, just to try to make the UN happy. He'll probably suck their dicks, too.
At least that was the good thing about Bush, he said he was going to do something, with or without their support, and followed through.
Obviously those Muslim extremists are cowards, why else would they wear masks? They're afraid. At least show you have some fucking balls when you kill one of us and show your face.
I thought we were supposed to have intelligence and be civilized. What a crock of shit. Where's our (the human race) intelligence? Where's our civility? We're worse now than when we were before we discovered fire. And we're worse only because we keep finding new ways to kill people. This is what makes us intelligent?
I wonder if we will even be alive by the end of this decade.