December 16th, 2003

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slightly miffed right now

was told this a.m. that the day techs are mad at me for not helping take x-rays.
they're actually mad that I'm resisting to help them.
WTF is that?
I never resisted.
I was never asked!
I don't mind helping the early people get the early morning stuff done.
With the way things have been going, we have had students coming in early to help the early techs, so I have figured why confuse the students with two techs each saying something different when they're already confused with all the information they have to learn? One tech and one student should be plenty with the work, anyway.
If there's no student, then sure, I can help. But no one has bothered to ask me to tag along. Why should I just assume they need help when there's only 8 or 9 patients to take care of, which should only take an hour in the first place?

I'm glad there's an employee meeting tomorrow. I'm going in for the day crew's meeting and tell them they shouldn't be complaining about me to the boss when I clearly do have my own exams to take care of and when they haven't even bothered to ask if I can help.
my lips

(no subject)

I'm still awake.
I'm still so mad that I just can't sleep.
And all this just as I'm feeling better again.
I think part of my problem is the change in sleeping patterns.
But this whole situation is fucking everything up as well.
I keep thinking about all the things I'm going to say at tomorrow's meeting.
Those fucking pussies bitch and complain about having to do 10 portables; when I worked graveyard shift way back when, the gy tech was responsible for the portables, and I always had 20 to 30 of them to do. They're fresh, just coming on to shift, and they're bitching they need help for 10!
There is so much I want to say to them.
Gotta watch my language... Can't say fuck again... already been written up twice this year for saying it.

Must calm down.
Must go to bed.