December 13th, 2003

my lips

(no subject)

My birthday is 1968.
What, do I have to explain it to you?
My first name ends with a C, my middle name begins with a C.
My middle name ends with an S, my last name begins with an S.
On my next birthday, I'll turn 36.
If you count all the numbers from 1 to 36, you get a devil of a number.
In my goth phase, I was asked if I worship Satan.
I had a couple of bible thumpers knock on my door about an hour ago.
When I wake up, the hair on the sides of my head stick up like horns.
If you rearrange the letters in my nickname, aryx, you get x-ray.
I work with x-ray.
I picked my name before I was interested in x-ray. In fact, we still had to use numeric IP addresses when I chose my moniker (ie.,
Actually, aryx is just a respelling of my first name included with the initial of my last.