December 5th, 2003

my lips

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It's time, once again, for Aryx' Word of the week!

I do this every few months or so, just to keep you all updated. Don't you feel so lucky?
This week's word is:
It means:
lover of tombstones

I hope that you all feel that much smarter, now.
Thank you, and goodnight.
my lips

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Last night, when I went in to work, the C.T. scanner was down.
Maintenance assured me it would be up at midnight. I had 4 E.R. patients waiting by midnight.
At midnight, when they tried to turn the cooling system back on, it was still clogged; ice had formed in the pipes. They were going to let it sit for 3 more hours, to see if the ice would melt enough to start the system again.
Both E.R. doctors kept calling every hour... what's the progress? They had patients to be scanned.
Between 3 and 4, they worked and worked, and finally came to the conclusion that the pump needed a new diaphragm (is that like a gasket?--I've never heard of a pump diaphragm.) They wouldn't be able to get the part 'til 7.
So my whole shift last night was shot. I didn't do a single scan. It would have been my busiest night... lots of practice!

I'm off tonight, but I'm staying up so I can maintain the routine.
I work Friday night through Monday night (Tuesday morning).
Hope things were fixed!