February 23rd, 2003

my lips

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Well, now that I know that Roller Coaster Tycoon can be played on Windows XP, I'm a happy man.
But now I'm going to have to go through all that work again to finish the game... it doesn't seem to like me trying to copy all the old finished games from the old computer to the XP. No problem... it's a fun game.
Now I can go out and get all the upgrades and enhancements too! Yippy!
my lips

(no subject)

And for those of you who were wondering how my date went.

It was okay. We had to cut it short because her babysitter forgot about some plans or something, so my date's sister ended up watching the kids for a couple of hours. So we really only got to go to dinner. But she said she had a nice time and said we'll need to go out again to do more than just dinner.
She's a lot different than when she's at work. She's a lot smarter than she sounds. She's one of those girls that when you hear her talk, you'll think she's a little ditzy, but she's not.
I'd go out with her again.
As far as relationship... I'm not sure yet.
I want to see if I can't go out with those other two I've mentioned first.

K, gotta go... the kitty's licking the screen... he's weird.