February 18th, 2003

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Last February 15th, I talked about a couple of kids who had come into the E.R. with major injuries in a house fire. Other hospitals had also gotten kids from the same fire.

Almost a year to the day (tonight) we got another situation almost identical. At least 5 victims in a house fire. This time, we only got one of the kids. Once again, we were able to save his life, but had difficulty. He had breathed in so much smoke, and probably some flames, that his mouth and throat were burned bad enough that it was very difficult to get a breathing tube into him. His burn injuries were very minor, first degree only to his abdomen. But, due to the injuries to his vocal cords, he may have problems talking for a while. He also had pneumonia due to the smoke inhalation, along with soot and charcoal in his lungs.
Other than that, we think he should be okay. Probably be in the hospital for a couple of weeks, though.