February 3rd, 2003

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Under normal circumstances, I'd be going to bed about now.
Not tonight.
I've already gone to bed, and now it seems that I have re-awakened.
I got a good, solid four hours of sleep. I actually feel like I'm in good shape... except that I'm stuffed up still.

I started taking Zithromax again, because I was getting another sinus infection, and I didn't want to go on a plane with that sort of sinus pressure. I would be completely miserable if that happened. The antibiotics are working for the sinus infection; now if I could just get rid of the cold/flu symptoms that I also have. I'll have to be sure to take a decongestant before getting on the plane... just in case.
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One of the nurses up on the fourth floor told me tonight that if she wasn't married, she'd date me.
This is a good looking girl, about 26 years old or so. (I say girl simply because I'm older than her--but she's all woman!) She's friendly to all other staff and patients. She seems intelligent enough.
The only thing against her is, as I've mentioned, is she's married.

Not all is lost.
There is another girl at work, who works in the E.R., who says as soon as her divorce is final, she'd go out with me. But that's still five months away. She doesn't really realize that she doesn't actually have to wait until the divorce is final, but then again, she doesn't really realize a lot of things. She's kind of an airhead... but I think a lot of that has to do with being sheltered. A lot of her naivety seems to be from that.
I don't think I want to wait for five months to go out with someone... I need to find someone willing to go out now. Well, okay, I'll wait 'til I get back from Hawaii.
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We were talking at work last night about the millionaire teenagers throughout the world.
We had seen an article in one of those newsmagazines about them.
I remember when the Olson twins were just little kids. Now they've been on several different TV shows, and have made a few movies, as well.
They are just 16.
I made a comment something along the line of, "I bet when they're 18, they'll pose nude for some magazine. And that magazine will have trouble keeping up with demand, because so many people know who they are and will want to see."
Everyone at work seemed to agree with me. Not about the part that the magazine would sell out so fast, but that the girls would actually pose.
Anyone else think that the Olson twins would pose for a magazine like Playboy?
I had said it sort of in a joking manner... but others seemed to think that they would.