January 31st, 2003

my lips

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Hey, daruba, you didn't leave your Burning Man post so I could reply! :(
The image of people walking around with a bunch of photographers taking their picture got to me.
I had several ideas almost immediately.
1) have a red carpet that goes from a "limo" (can be a plywood facade) to the face of a "theater" (like in Hollywood or New York), with a bunch of people stuck behind a rope partition with cameras yelling out, "Ms. Jones" and, "Mr. Smith" and have a few people interviewing people walking on the carpet for "T.V. cameras" all very similar to The Grammies and Emmies and all those other -mies and award showes. But the people walking on the carpet would not be part of the camp, they'd just be people walking along.
2) would be almost exactly what you had posed, but with the 'photographers' being annoying and the 'model' (whoever was the focus of the group) would be trying to run away from the paparatzi.