January 15th, 2003

my lips

(no subject)

Some girl with psychic power, she said, "T-Bone, what's your sign?"
I blink and answer, "Neon!" I thought I'd blow her mind.
She's reading Moby Dick by some fruitcake named Herman,
She's chomping on a knockwurst, was the duchess really German?
You ask so many questions, what answers should I choose?
Is this really Butte, Montana, or just existential blues?
my lips

(no subject)

I have just registered my new website name for two years, and bought hosting for 1 year.
Anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, I should be getting the rest of the information I need and I can start working on the new site. (The rest of the info is basically being told that the IP pointers all know which server to direct the name of the site to.)

I had planned on changing what my current website looks like now, but I haven't had a chance. So I'll probably start by just uploading my old site to this one, then changing it over time.

Isn't it about damn time I did this?