November 30th, 2002

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more house cleaning

spent most of the day sleeping... that's what happens when you don't have any caffeine in the house.

did, finally, get up, brought the plants inside which won't survive the winter out doors. kitten immediately began digging in the pots. so, I got some of the river rock and decorative water fountain rocks that I have and put them in all the pots, so now kitten can't dig. silly boy.

oh, and hey! I finally washed some dishes! I hate dishes. And I only have one load of laundry to do... well, it'd be a load if it was all colors or all whites... but it's half and half; so it's really two loads. just small ones.

I wanted to go out today with my video camera and shoot the malls.

I wonder what my niece and nephew want for Santa Claus Day.
my lips

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Okay, grocery shopping is done. At least I have enough food to last me 'til next payday. $126 for one person. Well, okay, one person and two kitties. They needed food and litter. I grabbed a bunch of snack food to help those hunger pangs when I really don't want to cook anything. Plus, I got stuff to make homemade chicken noodle soup and stew. Those can last a couple of days for meals (I make a lot of it).
Basically, now I have no money for the next week.
But, I did get microwavable dinners to take to work. That'll be good, as I shouldn't be going out for dinner anyway.
I'm not used to living paycheck to paycheck... or rather, from paycheck to every other paycheck, as one almost entirely goes to the mortgage. But, I think I'm starting to get used to it. I'm starting to think ahead for things I'll need, and trying to work things around my income.
Oh, and I also got my drug of choice... caffeine!
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Still other things that I'd like for Santa Claus day:
Jeans... but not 501's.
Camera Watch... yes they have watches that take pictures now.