October 24th, 2002

my lips

Insomniac Ponderings

Is the Hunnynut Cheerios Bee a male or female?
Drones (the worker bee) are female. Males are tucked away inside the hive and used for the sole purpose of mating with the Queen Bee.

Do goldfish ever dream of being caught out of the water? Do they have Dry Dreams? Do they dream of bigger ponds elsewhere?

Why is it that guys say women have penis envy when in truth it's usually guys who wish they could perform better, or be bigger?

Why am I still up at a time when most people are just waking up and getting ready for work?

Why doesn't a duck's quack echo?

I wish that Earth had two moons. Or at least a moon that didn't always have the same side always facing us. I'd like to see a moon that we could actually watch spinning on its axis. I wonder how many planets actually have moons that always have the same side facing them. I'm thinking it's pretty rare. Even the other planets in our solar system don't have moons like that. If we lived on those planets, we'd be able to stay up all night and watch the moon(s) spin.

What would our cities be like if we were fish?

I wonder if there is any type of life "out there" which has three strings of DNA in a spiral as opposed to the two we are so familiar with. I wonder if there is a species where XXX, XXy, and Xyy create three different genders, each with its own special reproductive specialty, something which we still cannot comprehend here on Earth.

I wonder when my cats will get along.

How come the activity light on my cable modem is continuously flashing, even when I'm not online?

Why does cancer kill its host, when that is the thing keeping itself alive?