October 15th, 2002

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I can't seem to find any decent newsgroups anymore.

I also can't seem to network both of my computers together anymore. Seems to me that I used to have a disc that I could put into my old Windows 98 computer that networked that computer to my XP within a few seconds. The disc came with the new computer. But I can't find it, now.

It seems that today my life is filled with "can't"s.
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I just finished watching Cast Away with Tom Hanks, again. I wonder why I was in the mood for that particular movie tonight. Anyone study psychology who can tell me why some nights I'm in the mood for complete hysteria, while other nights for sap?
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Galaxxy Chamber wanted me to tell everyone that their next concert is on Halloween (they always have to play on Halloween).
They will be playing at:
Bottom of the Hill
1233 7th St. @ Missouri
in San Francisco

Not that many of you really care or anything.
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pronunciation and elections

For the record, Iraq, the word, is pronounced ee-ROCK, not eye-ROCK. Similarly, Iran is pronounced ee-RON, not eye-RAN.

Presidential elections took place in Iraq yesterday. There was only one person running, Saddam Hussein. The vote was yes-no, not Hussein/somone else. To mark their votes, a voter had to leave a bloody finger print in the appropriate box. Before ballots were stuffed into the ballot boxes, election poll personnel examined the ballots to be sure the person had selected the correct box, which was the yes-vote.

Obviously, Hussein's government is spreading lies. Most of the population of Iraq seem to think that we are invading them to kill them all. Of course, with the way Hussein surrounds himself and his government workers with civilians, it's easy for him to say that, because no matter where we hit, civilians will get hurt.

In Iraq, as many other Islamic and Arab nations, you are not allowed to express any anti-leader opinions. It's okay to express anti-other-nation opinions. In fact, many banners put up for the elections in Iraq had a picture of Hussein above an American flag with the Statue of Liberty superimposed onto it with a German Nazi Swastika (I say German Nazi Swastika simply because the symbol is a lot older than the Nazi regime. In fact, if you mirror the swastika, it's called a fylfot, and is also a Japanese symbol. Ironically, I think that the Japanese version used to mean Peace or Tranquility or something. Actually, I haven't researched that in a long time, so I might be wrong, which is... okay. But, if I am wrong, and you know what it means, would you let me know, please? :) )

I think Bush is going about this the wrong way.
I think that we should train some of the Iraqi-Americans how to become sharp shooters and have them infiltrate into the Iraqi army and take out Hussein. If plans go well, hopefully they can get back out of the country and back home (to America) before they are captured. But, that's taking a lot of chances. Variables include all the what-if's. What if the person is captured? What if the person is killed? What if he has family here? Yada yada yada.