September 11th, 2002

my lips

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No, I don't believe in God.
But sometimes I wonder.
I sit outside and look up at the stars.
I ponder the vastness of space, what is happening around the other stars.
Intelligent life?
Each secondary star has planets orbiting them.
Do terrorists on those worlds exist and blow up buildings?
Each one of us is unique, and lives for such a short period of time. Why would someone want to take away a unique being's life?
We can destroy our entire population in a matter of a heart beat. Will we?
Will we allow some other form of life to succeed us; maybe the bees or the flies?
There is no God watching out for us.
Are we an expirament of God's?
Did God create millions of planets of intelligent beings to see if they could destroy themselves?
Are we the only ones?
What is the physics behind God? What is beyond Him? How does He think?
Does God cry?
What makes God?
Why do we ask questions that no one can truley answer?
Is there an answer to every immaginable question?
Has every question asked so far been answered?
Why is hate so easy?
Why is anger such an easy emotion to feel?
Why is the easiest emotion the most destructive?
Did God create us just to prove that He can create?
Or did God create us to prove that we can destroy?
I don't believe in God. I haven't for many years. He has not answered any of my questions. No one on this planet can really answer my questions. In fact, I really can't ask my questions because we don't have the words in our vocabulary. I will someday die with a question mark on my face. Why can't I ask the questions I want to ask? Why can't I understand? There is no afterlife which will reveal to me not only the words to ask my questions, but the answers to those questions. Why? Because, if there is indeed a God, He would have the power to keep those of us who do not believe in a Heaven or Hell away from such places. I will not go to Heaven, because I don't believe in it. Likewise, I will not go to Hell, because it, too, does not exist, in my mind. When I die, there will be nothingness. Because God is that powerful. And I will never know, after death, whether I was right or wrong.
The stars are so beautiful. Don't you ever just go out and look at them?
I sit outside and look up at the stars.
I ponder the vastness of space, what is happening around the other stars.
Intelligent life?
my lips

(no subject)

My aunt wants the kitten back.
He went in today to get his balls cut off.
It's okay, male calicos are sterile anyway. They have their chromosomes all out of whack: XXY instead of XY.


Years ago, my dad bought a grandfather clock. 3000 dollars. When he broke up with his girlfriend about 10 years or so ago, he left the clock at her house, mainly because he didn't have a place to put it. But before that had happened, he had told me and my sister that the clock was for me when I bought a house.
So, when I bought this house, I was reminded that the clock was mine, and I should go get it.
2 weekends ago, my mom, aunt and I stopped off at my dad's ex-gf's house to see if she still had it.
Sold it.
my lips


I don't think 'why?' is the question.
Everyone says why is the question.
Why does this happen?
Why are we here?
I think that we are too early in our evolutionary stage to be asking why.
Think about it. Why requires an answer that can only be understood after other things are already known.
Children are a prime example of this. They continually ask why. But they ask it after something else has been answered. And then they ask why again. And again. They are continually gathering information.
But to ask the big why's... we haven't even begun to gather the information for which we're asking why. We can't even begin to understand the answer to why. Who knows, maybe the answer to why is right there in front of our very proverbial noses, but we can't see it because we can't understand it... yet.
I think the question is 'what?'
The answer to what needs to be given before we should even attempt to ask why.
What are we?
What is happening?
What is the question.